GRAPHIC: Ukrainian Prosecutor General Says Soldier Beheaded in Donetsk Oblast

Ukrainian Prosecutor General Kostin announced this morning that the armed forces had captured evidence of the decapitation of a Ukrainian soldier in Donetsk Oblast. He also claimed that Ukraine has evidence that Russian commanders have issued orders to their troops to not take prisoners but execute them via inhumane methods. His statement reads below:

“New horrifying evidence of Russia’s criminal policy aimed at the extermination of Ukrainians: we have received information that Russian commanders have ordered not to take Ukrainian soldiers as prisoners but to kill them with inhumane cruelty—by decapitation. The fact of decapitation of a Ukrainian defender was recorded in the Donetsk region.

This terrible barbarism must have no place in the 21st century. And this is yet another proof that the war crimes committed by the aggressor are not isolated incidents but a planned strategy of the Russian regime. These criminal orders were given at the command level of the battalion and company of the occupation forces.”
Screenshot from Ukrainian Armed Forces drone purportedly showing severed head of Ukrainian servicemember on the hood of a damaged vehicle in Donetsk Oblast. Credit: Ukrainian Prosecutors Office
If confirmed this was an intentional beheading, this would be the second high-profile case since the infamous April 2023 video showing the live decapitation of a Ukrainian POW circulated online.