Journalists Blocked from Cargo Areas of Beirut Airport After Weapons Storage Allegations

At approximately 0830 EST on June 23rd, 2024, the Telegraph reported that Hezbollah had stored “huge quantities” of Iranian weapons, missiles, and explosives at Beirut Airport. This article rankled Lebanese authorities.

The Lebanese Air Transport Union claimed this article was published to endanger airport personnel.

This was followed by several statements from Lebanese Public Works and Transport Minister Hamieh that threatened a lawsuit against the Telegraph and said everything in the article was false. However, he also said that airport workers do not have the authority to open boxes at the airport.

By 0500 EST this morning, Minister Hamieh led press and foreign diplomats through a portion of the airport. However, journalists were blocked from accessing the air cargo center.

Following the conclusion of the tour. Minister Hamieh said that Lebanon bears responsibility to be transparent with the international community and that the Telegraph relied on official UK sources, not Lebanese.

The reports of journalists being denied access to areas outside of the curated tour further raises suspicion from the original Telegraph article. As of this publication, Minister Hamieh has not publicly commented on the claims of access denial.