Early Results from French Legislative Elections Show Rassemblement National Lead and High Turnout

Today June 30 2024, France conducted the first round of its legislative elections after President Emmanuel Macron dissolved Parliament, following his party’s defeat in the European elections. Voter turnout in mainland France reached approximately 65.5%.

Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National (RN, right-wing populist party) and its allies lead with 34% of the votes. The Nouveau Front Populaire (NFP, coalition of all left-leaning parties) follows with 28.1% of the votes, while Macron’s party (Ensemble, economically liberal) has 20.3%. These results are provisional.

While the elections comprise a second round that will be held on July 7, some projections of the seats distribution are already available. The RN and its allies could secure between 230 to 280 seats out of 577, thus only obtaining a relative majority. The NPF may obtain 125 to 165 seats, with Ensemble predicted to win 70 to 100 seats.

These early results provide a general trend, but the definitive outcomes may vary significantly. Vote counting continues in France’s major cities, traditionally left-leaning. To curtail RN’s advance, NFP leaders have declared that their candidates will withdraw from the second round on July 7 if it enables a non-RN candidate to win.

For further details on the French legislative elections, please refer to our dedicated article.