Labor Party Member Arrested at Oslo International Airport on Allegations of Spying

According to local Norwegian media (Verdens Gang and Dagbladet), a man suspected of spying for China was arrested at Oslo International Airport this morning. The thirty-year-old arrived back in the country from China and is currently being detained for four weeks while he is interrogated and the investigation is carried out. He has denied the accusations.

According to these publications, the suspect was heavily involved in the Oslo Labor Party, especially in “anti-extremist” activities, but that he does not hold elected office. The suspect’s lawyer, Marius Dietrichson, told Verden’s Gang that they refute the charges.

The Norwegian Police Security Service is carrying out the investigation.

This comes nearly a year after a foreign student was arrested under espionage suspicions for eavesdropping on the Prime Minister’s office. Norway faces an extensive counter-intelligence threat from its neighbor, Russia. However, the presence and revelation of Chinese espionage, while expected, is nonetheless unique.

Norway, a key U.S. and NATO ally is expected to take a global leadership position in commercial space equities as it finalizes operations at Europe’s first and only commercial spaceport in Andoya.