French Legislative Elections: High Voter Turnout and Unexpected Results

Today, July 7, witnessed the second turn of the French legislative election. Estimates place the final participation rate at 67.10%, a significant increase from the 46.23% recorded in the previous elections in 2022. This marks the highest turnout since the early elections of 1997, following the dissolution of the National Assembly. Exit polls reveal surprising outcomes.

The Rassemblement National (RN, right-wing populist party) was expected by most to be the first party in France. However, RN is projected to secure 132–152 seats, placing it third. The Nouveau Front Populaire (NFP, a coalition of all left-wing parties) is estimated to gain 172-192 seats, making it the leading party. President Macron’s party, Ensemble, is anticipated to obtain 150–170 seats.

(Photo – BFM TV)

While gatherings are already taking place to celebrate the unexpected victory of the NFP, counter-protests are also expected. Fascist and far-right channels have already called for such events, with some of these calls including instructions for conducting attacks. It is still unknown whether these gatherings will be significant in number or how seriously the government plans to take these threats.