Iranian Navy Destroyer Capsizes, Bandar Abbas

Iranian media has reported that Iranian Navy destroyer Sahand capsized while in port at Bandar Abbas after an undisclosed “accident”. The vessel can be seen with an extreme list while still moored to another vessel.

This incident bears striking resemblance to the Talaiyeh which also capsized in port in Bandar Abbas in 2021, killing dock personnel. It is not currently clear if personnel were killed in today’s incident. 

This is developing.

Sahand is a Moudge-class-frigate in the Southern Fleet of the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy, named in memory of the sunk frigate bearing the same name which was destroyed in U.S. operation PRAYING MANTIS. It was commissioned in 2018 by the NEDAJA shipbuilding company. In June 2021, Sahand, accompanied by IRINS Makran (a naval-converted oil tanker), were the first Iranian naval ships to reach the Atlantic without docking in an international port. In the same deployment the Sahand also visited St. Petersburg, Russian Federation.

2018 commissioning of the Sahand. Credit: Rahbar Emamdadi