British Volunteer Aiden Aslin (CossackGundi) Has Laid Down His Arms

British Volunteer Aiden Aslin (CossackGundi) Has Laid Down His Arms


British volunteer Aiden Aslin (IG: @cossackgundi, backup: @cossackgundi_) and other international volunteers in the Ukrainian Marines have chosen to lay down their arms to Russian forces in Mariupol after running out of food and ammunition according to sources in touch with Aiden. The Siege of Mariupol has persisted since late February and a large portion of the Ukrainian garrison has been forced to lay down their arms.

A source close to Aiden spoke with him on the phone and he said:

“I beg for your prayers, please. For Aiden Aslin. I just spoke with him. His unit is out of ammo and food. They have no other option but to surrender. He said he loves you all. He is strong in spirit and showed no weakness at all. He is surrendering to Russians which is only slightly better than surrendering to the Chechyns. Their commander will be meeting them soon. Please Lord have mercy.”

The Renegade
The Renegade
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