Ethiopian State Renews Its Invasion of Tigray

Ethiopian State Renews Its Invasion of Tigray


Current situation in Tigray since March. Ethiopian state occupation in red, Eritrean state occupation in blue, and Tigray Defense Forces in green.
(Live Universal Awareness Map)

The Ethiopian state has reportedly renewed its invasion of Tigray today, targeting the southern frontline around Alamata and surrounding villages. This is likely to extend to the western and eastern frontlines soon. Today’s offensive comes after a 5-month ceasefire.

War exhaustion has plagued an Ethiopian military fighting rebel forces across the country since its first invasion of Tigray in November 2020. In 2021, Tigrayan rebels launched a counter-offensive and forced the Ethiopian military to retreat from Tigray, coming within 100 miles of the Ethiopian capital. This was followed by a ceasefire declared by the Ethiopian state in March 2022.

For extensive context and nuance on the Tigray War and all the actors involved, I recommend checking out this article I recently published on Tghat, a widely respected journal concerning Tigrayan and East African affairs. For live updates on the conflict without the influence of state propaganda I also recommend following on IG: @tigraymap @tigrayupdate @omnatigray @tigrayyouthnetwork

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