Indian and Pakistani Soldiers Observed Vibing at the Line of Control

Indian and Pakistani Soldiers Observed Vibing at the Line of Control


Permission to vibe granted.

Last week, a transnational vibe session was documented by Indian soldiers at the Line of Control (LOC) in Kashmir.

As Indian soldiers danced and sang to “Bambiha Bole” by Amrit Maan and Sidu Moosewala in their outpost, Pakistani soldiers were outside at their own outpost vibing along, and one appears to be waving back to the beat of the song. The soldiers seem to have no regard for the border between them, nor the hegemonic tensions between the Indian and Pakistani states, just taking a moment to vibe as human beings.

A commenter (@st_atuk) explained:

“This sort of stuff happens often enough, both sides have been staring across at each other for 75-odd years now. Both sides understand each other – spoken Hindi and Urdu are quite similar, and a big chunk on both sides speak Punjabi. Bollywood is hugely popular on both sides, same with regional pop stars. During less aggressive periods both sides exchange greetings and send across sweets during Hindu and Muslim religious festivals. Then again, the very next night patrols could stumble across each other over a disputed river crossing or something and a fierce firefight could erupt – speaking from my dad’s experiences, who was on these hilltop posts with his Gorkha troops on and off during the 1970s and 80s. The song here is from popular Punjabi Sikh singer Sidhu Moosewala, who was killed in a hit job very recently.”