U.K. Prime Minister Set To Resign

Off the heels of over 50 resignations from the Prime Minister’s Conservative-led government, Boris Johnson is expected to resign from his office as Prime Minister. The key events that led to his downfall showcase the state of affairs that have plagued Boris’s office since last year.

Most recently, the downfall of a political ally and the lies Boris promoted to deflect the political flak that came as a result served as the final blow. On June 29th, Deputy Chief Whip Chris Pincher went to an exclusive club and got drunk. The intoxicated behavior allegedly involved him groping two men. Initially, Downing Street claimed that when Mr. Johnson named Mr. Pincher as deputy chief whip in February of this year, he was unaware of “particular allegations” against him. Party officials continued to repeat this claim, and it backfired when it turned out to be false. The BBC reported on July 4th that Mr. Johnson was aware of a formal complaint. The prime minister had been informed of the complaint in person, according to a former government servant named Lord McDonald shortly thereafter. Then Mr. Johnson acknowledged being informed in 2019 and expressed regret for selecting Mr. Pincher to serve as deputy chief whip.

Perhaps the most consequential scandal came when it was revealed he was throwing his birthday party at his private residence while he ordered the general public to lockdown during the Covid-19 crisis. Mr. Johnson stated to the Commons in December that “every guidance was followed completely in No 10.” A Commons committee is currently looking into him to see if he intentionally misled Parliament. This led to what was his first vote of no confidence which ended last month when he clung to political survival.

The cataclysmic fall of Johnson from No.10 Downing Street has managed to exceed the riveting rise to his position of power. Boris won an extraordinarily historic 80-seat majority just a few years ago in his triumphant oath to take the U.K. out of the E.U. This was the biggest win for a Conservative Parliament since 1987. No substantial opposition and a public outcry to leave the E.U. after years of legal purgatory had fueled Boris’s party with enough political ammo to carry out their political agenda for many years ahead.

Those years ahead aren’t coming with Boris, and it remains to be seen if his party can stomach the turmoil ahead.



Liam Fegan
Liam Fegan
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