Article Submission Guidelines

Article Submission Guidelines

To submit press releases or announcements, please email us at support@theatlasnews.co. In the subject line, put 'PRESS RELEASE'. In the body of the email, put details of your submission to be put in touch with the department most closely related to the release.

Each department has somewhat different criteria and procedures for press releases.

An analysis piece provides a detailed, impartial examination of a current event, issue, or trend. The primary goal of an analysis is to offer readers a deeper understanding by presenting and interpreting facts, data, and evidence. Unlike opinion pieces, analysis articles remain objective, relying on the author's expertise or experience to explain the significance of the topic without expressing personal opinions. These articles break down complex issues into understandable parts, exploring the causes, effects, and potential outcomes. An effective analysis helps readers grasp not just what happened, but why it happened and what it might mean for the future, providing a comprehensive and balanced perspective.

A commentary offers an informed opinion or perspective on a current event, issue, or trend. Unlike analysis, which focuses on factual and impartial examination, commentary pieces are subjective and reflect the author's personal stance. They are designed to provoke thought, spark debate, and often provide suggestions or recommendations based on the author's viewpoint. Commentary articles support their arguments with specific evidence and analysis, but the emphasis is on the author's interpretation and opinion. These pieces aim to engage readers by presenting unique insights, challenging prevailing views, and encouraging discussion on important topics.

  • Length: Submissions should be between 1000-4000 words. We are pretty open to length. It will always vary based on topic. We just don't want a little paragraph you wrote on the train, or a novel.
  • Originality: Articles must be original and not submitted to, posted on, or published by any other media, including personal sites. We are a leading geopolitical publication and look for original content.
  • Author Information: Submissions must include the writer's full name, home address, email address, and telephone numbers. Anonymous pieces or those written under pseudonyms will not be considered.
  • Disclosure: Writers must disclose any personal or financial interest in the subject at hand. If we find out you submitted something and had any monetary vested interest in the topic, we will delete the content and blacklist you from writing for us again.
  • AI: We like AI. It has a place in our newsroom to help edit for punctuation and our style guidelines, and will only be more useful going forward. But we will absolutely not accept AI written content. We will check before it gets published.

Atlas News receives numerous submissions daily, but we can only accommodate a select few outside contributions. We prioritize articles based on timeliness, relevance to current news events, resonance with our readers, and a fresh perspective that hasn't been extensively covered. You do not need special expertise in a topic to submit an article. However, explaining how your background or experience informs your perspective can make your piece more compelling. Titles and positions do not guarantee publication; in fact, because individuals such as senators, business leaders, and heads of state have access to various platforms to express their views, we hold them to a particularly high standard when considering their submissions. We encourage anyone and everyone to submit.

We strive to review all submissions promptly. If you do not hear from us within a week, please assume we will not be able to use your article.

Our editors will not alter your opinions or "voice," but all articles are edited for clarity, precision, and logical organization. They are also fact-checked and copy-edited for grammar and style. We ask contributors to sign off on all changes before publication.

While we review all unsolicited submissions, we also reach out to individuals we believe have valuable insights on current topics, especially during breaking news, to provide timely and intelligent commentary for our readers.

Almost all of our content offer comments sections for readers to discuss the news and analysis we provide. This cannot be turned off, nor would we want to. This means your content will most likely be picked apart and discussed. This is a good thing and enhances our journalism.

We ask that our readers keep it civil and respectful. However, our moderation is pretty light as we try and keep things unbiased and unfiltered. Therefore you, or your work, may receive comments and feedback you do not like. If that is a problem, we encourage you to submit other places. Atlas News always has been and always will be a place our readers can trust. And that trust extends to keeping our comment section open.

That being the case, we have built a readership that values our work and partners, and in turn will value you. We anticipate all the comments will be a naturally healthy discussion that will provide value to your skills.

Your article needs to be written in Google Docs. This helps our editors collaborate with you and maintain a record of what edits were made. When you submit an article and provide the Google Docs link, ensure the document is publicly shareable and that anyone with the link can edit it. This ensures a seamless editing process and quick turnaround for your submission.