O’Rourke, Protesters Gathered Outside NRA Convention Following Uvalde Massacre

O’Rourke, Protesters Gathered Outside NRA Convention Following Uvalde Massacre


On a blazing Friday afternoon in the heart of Houston stood children wearing images of the the Robb Elementary students killed by a gunman less than 72 hours prior. Right across the street—aptly named Avenida De Las Americas, Avenue of the Americas—the annual National NRA Convention took place as firearm enthusiasts attended pro-gun Republican political speeches and browsed firearm exhibitions and vendors. Over a thousand protesters demonstrating against the part trade show, part political rally, cheered wildly as Beto O’Rourke walked on stage. The Texas liberal sweetheart taking on Governor Abbott this fall in the governor’s race took his place in front of the children.

“You are not our enemies; we are not yours,” O’Rourke said, extending an olive branch toward the pro-gun crowd across the aptly named street. “We extend our hand open and unarmed in a gesture of peace and fellowship to welcome you to join us to make sure that this no longer happens in this country. But the time for you to respond and to join us is now.”

O’Rourke’s olive branch ran slightly counter to the anger and open grief expressed by the event’s opening speakers. Congressman Al Green (D-TX), sick with COVID, spoke to the crowd through speaker phone, promising to haunt the halls of Congress “until they pass gun control” if he loses his life to the virus. A Black Lives Matter organizer said both Governor Abbott and “Lt. Governor whatever his name is” have blood on their hands. A mother of a victim of gun violence weeped on stage as she shared the story of her son fighting for his life for 18 days in the hospital before passing. 

“The time to have stopped Uvalde was right after Sandy Hook,” O’Rourke said. “The time for us to have stopped Uvalde was right after Parkland. The time for us to have stopped Uvalde was right after Santa Fe High School. The time for us to stop the next mass shooting in this country is right now, right here, today with every single one of us.”

As O’Rourke walked off stage to applause, many  of the protesters began to make their way home or headed toward the barricades separating the NRA Convention from the demonstration. An organizer on stage fiercely lambasted the departing crowd as “fakes” for leaving once the Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate was done speaking although the crowd had been standing in the Texas heat for two hours listening to speaker after speaker. The organizer accused the departing crowd of only attending for an Instagram photo-op.