Tigrayan Forces Launch Second Counter-Offensive Against Ethiopian Government

Tigrayan Forces Launch Second Counter-Offensive Against Ethiopian Government


The city of Kobo and the surrounding villages of Rare and Mendefara in Amhara Region have reportedly been captured for the second time in 13 months by Tigrayan forces today. Kobo was first captured in July 2021 by Tigrayan forces who later withdrew in December to allow for a ceasefire.

A Tigrayan counter-offensive in response to this week’s Ethiopian state invasion is now in effect, and appears to have similar momentum as the first counter-offensive which came within 100 miles of Addis Ababa in 2021. So far the frontline is changing as it did following the first invasion: the Ethiopian coalition invades, followed by an extensive counter-offensive that completely obliterates the Ethiopian coalition’s momentum. Whether this Tigrayan momentum will hold remains to be seen.

The Ethiopian state is blaming their defeat in Kobo on “human wave strategy” launched “in many directions” by Tigrayan forces.

For more context on the Tigray War, I recommend reading mine and Tigray Map’s recent article on Tghat detailing the historical nuance of Tigray as well as the many actors involved.

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