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Bolsonaro Protestors Storm Brazilian Congress

Supporters of Bolsonaro have broken into Brazil’s Congress after the far-right politician lost the Presidential election in October 2022 to Lula. Videos began circulation on social media of protestors draped in the flag and colours of Brazil entering the...

Police Clashes in Paris after Shooting at Kurdish Cultural Centre

Earlier today a 69-year-old gunman opened fire at a Kurdish community centre in the French capital. The death toll is currently three, with several other people injured, of those injured, three are said to be in critical condition. After the...

Afghan Students Protest After Women Are Banned From Universities

Protests are being held across Afghanistan after the Taliban’s announcement that women would no longer be able to attend university. Videos show that male students of Nangarhar University are walking out of the institution and refusing to sit exams...

Palestine Activists Break into Weapons Factory in Wales

British protest group Palestine Action have broken into an arms manufacturing plant that allegedly supplies military radars to Palestine. The Teledyne Technologies’ weapons factory, located in Wales, had windows smashed and was covered in red paint. Once inside the...

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