The Slip-Ups Shaping Biden’s NATO Appearance

In this episode, the hosts discuss Joe Biden's recent NATO appearance, the possibility of him stepping down, and the challenges of replacing him. They explore democratic party dynamics, the significance of battleground states, and concerns about Biden's mental acuity amid his recent gaffes.

SCOTUS Kills Chevron Deference

In this episode, hosts Liam & Arthur discuss the recent Supreme Court decision to strike down the Chevron Deference. A special focus is brought to how this impacts the ATF, and how it could affect their ability to classify certain items like pistol braces. They also discuss the impact...

New World Incoming

In the Inaugural episode of Apolitical, the hosts discuss the initial presidential debate between Trump and Biden, examining its impact on their images and the possibility of a second debate. They also touch on the vice presidential candidates, Kamala Harris's performance, immigration approval ratings, and recent polling data. Additionally,...