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Wagner Boss Accuses Russian Army Leaders of Treason

The relations between Wagner Group and the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) have been growing increasingly volatile over the last few weeks as Russia faces mounting losses and accusations of treason arise between Russian military officials and their preferred...

North Korea May Soon Experience Another Food Crisis

North Korea has been extremely active recently with repeated threats against the West and its pacific allies, launching dozens of ballistic missiles in frequent displays of force. However, despite the military posturing, satellite imagery has South Korean agricultural experts...

Moldova Experiences Pro-Russian Protest Over Cost of Living Crisis

This week has been turbulent in Moldova as a group called the "Movement for the People" has bussed in protestors to the capital to express frustration with the pro-Western government. The country is currently in a cost of living...

Blinken Warns of Potential Weapons Distribution from China to Russia

There has been no lack of speculation surrounding the Russo-Ukrainian war, especially as to who will be involved and to what extent. The latest concern coming out of the White House is the possibility that China may begin sending...

Protestors Go Missing in China

The zero-covid policy in China was very unpopular since its conception. The policy left people trapped in their homes or businesses being unable to leave for even basic necessities. This spawned videos of public officials drilling boards to the...

Russian Death Toll Highest it’s been Since the First Week of the War

In the first days of the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian death toll experienced another high water mark. Russian offensives have been going poorly as Ukrainian troops and their support equipment have been repulsing Russian troops. According to the Ukrainian...

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