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Matthew Dellinger


About Me

Matthew Dellinger holds a Political Science and History BS and is working towards a Masters in Public Administration. Before his time at Atlas he joined GoodPolitical to serve as a writer and contributor while also expanding his knowledge on global events. Matthew is proud to be a part of a news organization that believes in delivering truthful, unfiltered, and unbiased news to people around the world.



China Launches Massive Military Exercises in the Western Pacific

What We Know: China has launched large naval exercises this week in an attempt to push back against the United States’ earlier security exercises with the Philippines, Japan, and Australia. Late last week American and Canadian warships sailed through the...

Asia-Pacific Summit Reveals Diplomatic Rifts Over Ukraine War and Curbing China

What We Know: Asian-Pacific powers met Thursday to discuss economics, diplomacy, and world events. The United States (U.S.) and Japan claimed that the current state of global affairs is threatening to shuffle the global order. Both Russia and China claim...

Uganda Claims Actions in Congo have Killed over 500 IS-Allied Fighters

What We Know: Uganda launched operations in the Congo to fight Islamic State-aligned rebels called the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). President Yoweri Museveni announced that the attacks had been successful and had killed 567 fighters and retrieved multiple pieces of...

China in Deflation

What You Need to Know: China has been struggling with barely rising prices for the last few months. Earlier this week, consumer prices began falling- a dangerous sign for a heavily indebted country. The Chinese government has claimed that this...

Japanese PM Kishida Looks for Increased Strategic Cooperation

What You Need to Know: Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said in a speech on Friday that he hopes for strengthened cooperation between South Korea, the US, and Japan. This statement comes before a summit between the three countries scheduled...

China Supports Peace Talks in Ukraine

What you Need to Know:  Discussions on how to end the war in Ukraine began over the weekend in Saudi Arabia. 40 countries attended the summit to discuss a potential framework to begin peace talks. This is the second meeting,...

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