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Ryan Morgan is a Tennessee-based journalist with experience reporting on military policy and foreign affairs.



Spanish Police Arrest Suspect In String Of Letter Bomb Attacks

Members of Spain's Policía Nacional have arrested a suspect in connection with a string of attempted letter bomb attacks that lasted from late November to early December. On Wednesday, the Policía Nacional shared footage of an arrest in the city...

Intel Shows North Korea Shipping Weapons To Russian Forces In Ukraine: White House

U.S. satellite photos appear to have captured images of Russian railcars traveling between North Korea and Russia, carrying weapons to supply Russian forces in their ongoing war in Ukraine. In a Friday press briefing, White House National Security Council spokesman...

European Parliament Votes To List IRGC As Terrorist Group, Sanctions Iran’s Supreme Leader And President

The European Parliament voted on Thursday in favor of a non-binding resolution to designate Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC) as a terrorist group, and to sanction Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and President Ebrahim Raisi. The resolution comes as...

U.S. Marines To Reconfigure Okinawa Regiment To Counter China

The U.S. Marine Corps is reconfiguring one of its Okinawa, Japan-based regiments into a new force design that could prove useful in a potential future war with China for control of the Indo-Pacific region. On Wednesday, the Marine Corps announced...

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