UK Announces New Ukraine Package, Includes Terrahawk Paladin Air Defense

The United Kingdom has announced a new military aid package to Ukraine worth 100M GBP. It includes the MSI-DS Terrahwak Paladin air defense system. The announcement reads below:

“The support package, which will be provided using money from the International Fund for Ukraine (IFU), will be jointly announced today by the Defence Secretary and his counterparts from the IFU partner nations at a meeting of the Ukraine Defence Contact Group at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

It comes as the final contract from the previously announced IFU package of air defence capability was signed, which will see more than £70m of capabilities provided to Ukraine – including the MSI-DS Terrahawk Paladin, a platform which can track and destroy drones and protect critical national infrastructure.”

Defense Secretary Schapps also told press:

”During my recent visit to Kyiv, I assured President Zelenskyy that the UK’s support for Ukraine and their most urgent needs is unwavering.

Today I am proud to announce that the UK, alongside our allies, is delivering on that promise with new contracts to provide Ukraine with critical air defence systems to protect civilians from Putin’s barbaric bombing campaign, and more than £100 million of new equipment pledged to give Ukrainian soldiers what they need to breach Russia’s deadly minefields.”

The description of the Terrahawk Paladin reads below from the manufacturer site:

”MSI-DS TERRAHAWK PALADIN is a self-contained solution developed for augmented mobility and deployability in close range air defence.

Modular, remote-controlled, and re-deployable – to defend against close range land, air, and maritime threats (proven C-UAS and C-FIAC capability).

The containerised system, with sensors and effectors mounted on a NATO-standard Demountable Rack Offload and Pickup System (D.R.O.P.S.), can be deployed on the ground with offset remote control for operator survivability (hard-wire or Line of Sight). To re-deploy, the D.R.O.P.S. module can be rapidly mounted on a military support vehicle (or trailer-based system) with the requisite space and payload capacity.”

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