Hamas Political Bureau Says its Ready for Two-State Negotiations and Ceasefire

According to Hamas Political Bureau Head Haniyeh, the group is ready for negotiations with Israel and has presented their terms. Al Arabiya reported that Haniyeh recognized that an Israeli Defense Forces began a ground invasion of Gaza and that Hamas is open to negotiations.

They claim that they presented their terms, the most significant being the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as the capital. He also claimed that Prime Minister Netanyahu was stalling.

He also called on the United Nations to intervene on behalf of Palestine, chiefly by intercepting Israel’s international support such as the United States. He told the outlet that Israeli hostages were being subjected to the same threats of Israeli bombings as Palestinians.

These reports, regardless if they are true or not, are sure to exacerbate pressure against Israel. The Jordan Foreign Ministry announced this morning that they recalled their ambassador from Israel and instructed the Israeli ambassador not to return.

On a lighter note, more than 300 foreign citizens have crossed into Egypt after sharp negotiations with Cairo over opening the Rafah border crossing, signaling international cooperation in clearing Gaza of civilians.


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