U.S. Air Force Confirms One Dead, Seven Missing, Osprey Crash

As this publication reported on November 29th, 2023, a U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command Osprey crashed off the coast of Yakushima Island, Japan. Initially, the Japanese government claimed six were aboard. The U.S. Air Force has now confirmed that one crewmember has been found and is dead, while seven other are missing. The announcement reads below:

“The U.S. Military, alongside the Japan Coast Guard, Japanese Self-Defense Forces, local law enforcement, and Japanese civilian volunteers, is continuing search and rescue operations for the CV-22 crew following the mishap that occurred on Nov 29 off the shore of Yakushima Island, Japan.

Search and rescue operations consist of a combination of air, surface, and subsurface search of water and coastline in the vicinity of Yakushima, Japan in order to locate the crewmembers.

Seven Airmen are in DUSTWUN status meaning “duty status-whereabouts unknown.” At this time, we can confirm one set of remains has been recovered.

Our sincere gratitude to all the units and Japanese partners involved in helping us locate our Airmen.

Units involved in search and rescue operations are:
Japan Coast Guard
Japanese Self-Defense Forces
Pacific Air Forces
United States Pacific Fleet
United States Marine Corps Forces, Pacific
Special Operations Command Pacific
353rd Special Operations Wing, Kadena Air Base, Japan
18th Wing, Kadena Air Base, Japan
1st Special Forces Group”

The deceased airman has been identified as Jacob “Jake” Galliher, of Pittsfiel, MA. He leaves behind two young children.

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