Hydrocarbon Refinery Inferno Prompts State Emergency, Birjand, Iran

Update (1235 EST): The fire has reportedly been contained.

Update (1046 EST): Director General of South Khorsan Crisis Management Akhundi has told press that emergency crews cannot get close to the fire and that the chance of spread is “very high”.

At approximately 0230 EST, Iranian state-owned media reported that a large fire had broken out at a hydrocarbon refinery in Birjand in Iran’s South Khorasan Province. Initially, a heat spike in two of the tanks caused the ignition. However, by 0710 EST, the Governor of Birjand Iran told press that the fire had spread to all 18 tanks at the reservoir. The fire was almost extinguished in the first three tanks by 0430 EST, but the fire suddenly spread.

Evacuation orders were issued by 0500 EST for the area surrounding the refinery as Director of Crisis Management Akhundi requested national assets to battle the flames. He added:

“The order to evacuate inside and around the mini-refinery of Birjand Special Economic Zone has been issued in order to save people’s live…The situation of the fire in the region has entered a stage where we should allow self-immolation to take place and think about saving the lives of rescuers and people who are present in the region.”

As of this publication, the fire has expanded in several explosions and is not contained. However, there have been no casualties.

Birjand is a city in the Central District of Birjand County, South Khorasan province, Iran, and serves as capital of the county. The city is known for its saffron, barberry, jujube, and handmade carpet exports.

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