China Ministry of State Security Takes “Compulsory Measures” Against Alleged MI6 Operative

The Chinese Ministry of National Security (Ministry of State Security) has announced that it took “criminal compulsory measures” against a foreign actor in possession of equipment for technical collection of Top Secret state secrets. The report from Chinese state owned media reads below:

“Recently, the national security agency uncovered a case in which the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) used third-country personnel to engage in espionage activities against China. Chinese espionage cases. Foreigner Huang Moumou is the head of an overseas consulting agency. In 2015, the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) developed Huang Moumou and established an “intelligence cooperation relationship.”

Since then, MI6 instructed Huang to enter China multiple times, instructing him to use his public identity as a cover to collect China-related intelligence for British espionage and to identify personnel for MI6 to incite rebellion. MI6 also provided professional intelligence training to Huang Moumou in the UK and other places, and was equipped with special spy equipment for intelligence cross-linking. After careful investigation, the national security agency promptly discovered criminal evidence that Huang Moumou was engaged in espionage activities, and took criminal coercive measures against him in accordance with the law.

After identification by the confidentiality department, Huang Moumou provided the British side with 9 confidential-level state secrets, 5 confidential-level state secrets, and 3 pieces of intelligence. During the investigation of the case, the national security agency promptly notified and arranged consular visits, protecting Huang’s legal rights in accordance with the law.”

It is not clear if Huang is in custody of the Chinese government as there has been no comment from sources other than Chinese state-owned media. It is also not clear what nationality Huang is. The United Kingdom has made no comment as of this publication.

The Chinese Ministry of State Security is the principal civilian intelligence, security and secret police agency of the People’s Republic of China, responsible for foreign intelligence, counterintelligence, and the political security of the Chinese Communist Party.

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