US Treasury Adds 3 Israeli Persons, 2 Organizations in West Bank to Sanctions List

The United States Office of Foreign Assets Control has added two Israeli Organizations and three individuals to the Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN), subjecting them to sanctions.

Their information for the individuals reads below:

  • BAR YOSEF, Zvi, Halamish, West Bank; DOB 20 Sep 1992; nationality Israel; Gender Male; National ID No. 204377998 (Israel) (individual) [WEST-BANK-EO14115].
  • BEN PAZI, Neriya, (a.k.a. BEN PAZI, Neria), Havat Rimonim, West Bank; DOB 28 Nov 1993; nationality Israel; Gender Male; National ID No. 311509004 (Israel) (individual) [WEST-BANK-EO14115].
  • SHARVIT, Moshe, Moshes Farm, West Bank; DOB 13 Nov 1994; nationality Israel; Gender Male; National ID No. 206223000 (Israel) (individual) [WEST-BANK-EO14115].

The organizations information is listed below:

  • MOSHES FARM , (a.k.a. TIRZA VALLEY FARM OUTPOST), West Bank; Organization Established Date Jan 2021; Organization Type: Mixed farming [WEST-BANK-EO14115] (Linked To: SHARVIT, Moshe).
  • ZVIS FARM, (a.k.a. ZVI BAR YOSEF FARM; a.k.a. ZVIS FARM OUTPOST), Halamish, West Bank; Organization Type: Mixed farming [WEST-BANK-EO14115] (Linked To: BAR YOSEF, Zvi).

The announcement does not attribute the reasons why these entities have been sanctioned. However, these targeted sanctions add to the growing list since February 1st, 2024 when the Biden Administration announced it would be targeting entities that contribute to violence in the West Bank. State Department spokesperson Miller made this announcement at the beginning of the initiative:

“Earlier today, the President issued a new executive order establishing U.S. authority to impose financial sanctions against foreign persons engaged in actions that threaten the peace, security, or stability of the West Bank. Under the authority granted by that order, the State Department is today imposing financial sanctions on four Israeli nationals for their destabilizing acts in the West Bank.”