Angola Joins the Battle!

After yet another ceasefire between the DRC government and the M23 rebels failed, Angola has announced their intent to send troops to join the conflict. Angola has previously played a central role in attempted peace treaties between the government, the M23 rebels, and their alleged backers, Rwanda. Several ceasefires have been established, and several peace accords signed, all of which have ultimately failed to end the conflict. The deployment is a very big change of policy.

Angola’s troops are to secure areas that were previously held by the M23, as well as to protect ceasefire-monitors. Angola’s troops join an ever growing list of nations involved in the conflict. A number of months ago the East African Community deployed the “EAC Reactionary Force” comprised of 5 of the EAC’s 7 members. Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, South Sudan, and of course the DRC are participants in the force. Tanzania and, of course, Rwanda, are not. Rwanda offered assistance in the force previously, but due to their tensions with the DRC it was decided that was a bad idea.

The DRC was previously the site of two very large wars, the first and second Congo wars, which have been called “Africa’s World War” by many. Fears of a renewed larger war continue to grow as tensions between Rwanda and the DRC consistently threaten to boil over into war.