NATO to Hold Largest Air Force Exercises in History

NATO has announced that it will carry out the largest air exercises in its history. The exercises have been dubbed ‘Air Defender 23’ and will be held between June 12 and June 24. The exercises will be led by Germany, but will also include personnel from 23 other countries, including NATO’s newest member Finland. Also, non-NATO member Sweden will participate. A total of 10,000 soldiers and 220 aircraft will be involved in the exercises, 100 of those aircraft will be provided by the U.S. Air National Guard.

Air Defender 23 will mostly take place in and above Germany, but some portions of the exercises will take place in and above Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Estonia. Air Defender 23 will coincide with a U.S.-led exercise dubbed ’Defender Europe 23.’ This U.S. led exercise will involve 9,000 American troops as well as 17,000 troops from 26 other countries.