PLAN Carrier-Borne J-15s Violated Taiwan ADIZ for the First Time

For the first time, PLAN J-15s entered the Taiwanese ADIZ from the Shandong, during it’s deployment to the Philippine Sea. Usually only land based fighters, bombers, and UAVs make these provocative flights. This development demonstrates a new chapter in Chinese airspace deconfliction in and around Taiwan which also involves strikes from land based surface to surface batteries.

Yesterday the Shandong, Carrier Type 002, was spotted 200NM southeast of Taiwan in the Phillipine Sea. For the past two days, it’s carrier air wing of J-15s has been absent from escalations surrounding the Taiwanese President’s visit to the U.S. However, according to the Taiwanese, four of their J-15s we’re spotted flying into the Taiwanese ADIZ, adding yet another layer of complexity to the issue.

During an actual shooting war between Taiwan and China, these fighters would be expected to defend their carriers and act as scouts for the surface action group. Their use in a combat air patrol (CAP) or air interdiction mission is indicative of the Chinese goal to surround and cut off the island.