GRAPHIC: Political Assassination in India Captured on Live TV

A video circulated on Twitter reveals the moment Indian ex-gangster, and politician Atiq Ahmed and his brother were fatally shot as it was being broadcast in real time as police were escorting them. The scene unfolded in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Prayagraj, better known as Allahabad.

As Ahmed conversed with the press in police custody, three individuals masquerading as journalists opened fire, killing both him and his brother instantly, according to BBC News. The Ahmed family has a long history of involvement in numerous kidnappings, homicides, and instances of extortion over the past twenty years. Recently, a court sentenced Ahmed to life imprisonment for corruption and violent offenses.

The Twitter video shows Ahmed being questioned about his attendance at his son’s funeral. He replied with his last words, “They did not take us, so we did not go.” Shots ensued shortly after. Following the shooting, the alleged assailants shouted Hindu religious slogans before surrendering to law enforcement officers present at the scene.