Iranian Oil Tanker Seizure Video Update

Due to the recent capture of an oil tanker (Advantage Sweet) by the Iranian Navy, footage of the incident has been released. This capture was likely executed as a direct response to actions taken by the United States.

In recent days, the United States Government had given instructions for a tanker that carried Iranian crude oil to veer from its course and head to the United States. This move likely prompted the Iranian Navy to capture a US-bound tanker on Thursday. With testament from three individuals that have knowledge of the matter, the US recently directed a ship loaded with Iranian crude oil, initially headed for China as part of efforts to hold sanctions against Tehran firmly.

After it loaded Iranian oil cargo, the Suez Rajan tanker was seized by the US Department of Justice under a court order with help from at least one company connected to the ship. When the tanker changed its course toward the US, the Iranian navy made an unsuccessful attempt to pursue it. Justice Department officials declined to comment on the situation.

Iran’s choice to seize the Advantage Sweet, a Kuwaiti crude oil tanker chartered by Chevron with a destination to Houston, Texas, is explained by the previously secret US move about the Suez Rajan. According to a US official, Thursday’s “seizure appears to be in retaliation for a prior US seizure of Iranian oil, which Iran recently attempted to get back but failed.”

A full story on this incident can be read below for further context.