Arrest At Buckingham Palace

On Tuesday, a man was apprehended by UK law enforcement as he neared the entrance of Buckingham Palace and hurled objects believed to be shotgun shells onto the palace grounds, according to the Metropolitan Police in London.

Authorities announced the individual’s arrest on the basis of suspected possession of a dangerous weapon and mentioned that a controlled detonation had occurred. This incident transpires as security forces and police gear up for King Charles’ upcoming coronation on Saturday. The event is anticipated to draw substantial crowds along the streets of London, as well as global heads of state attending the official ceremony.

Buckingham Palace confirmed that neither King Charles nor his wife Camilla were present during the event. Following the man’s detainment and placement into custody, the statement also noted that security perimeters had been established as a result of a suspicious bag found with the individual. Chief Superintendent Joseph McDonald reported that there have been no instances of gunfire or injuries sustained by officers or civilians.