Islamic Jihad Leader Khader Adnan Dies in Israeli Prison After Hunger Strike, Rockets Launched in Retaliation

Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Khader Adnan has died in an Israeli jail following an 87 day long hunger strike in protest of his detention for alleged involvement in terrorist activities. Adnan was a prominent figure and symbol of protest amongst Palestinian resistance movements through his repeated use of hunger strikes, having been previously been  detained by Israeli authorities a dozen other times over the past two decades.

Adnan was detained on February 5, 2023, on suspicion of being a member of a terrorist organization, as well as supporting and inciting terrorism. He was held without trial under Israel’s administrative detention laws, which prompted is final hunger strike.

Following the announcement of Adnam’s death by Israeli authorities and his lawyer, Palestinian leaders called his death a “deliberate assasination” and nearly 30 rockets were fired into southern Israel in retaliation, which leftthree foreign construction workers in the city of Sderot. Israeli forces responded to the strikes by shelling targets in Gaza.

The Islamic Jihad, as well as Hamas, have vowed continued retaliatory strikes against Israel as Palestinians staged protests and announced sweeping strikes in the West Bank and Gaza.