Highlights From Recent U.S.-China Talks

On Wednesday and Thursday US national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, and the Director of the Chinese Foreign Affairs Commission, Wang Yi, met in Vienna for high-level talks. The White House described the talks as “candid, substantive, and constructive discussions.” It’s unclear what all was discussed, but it’s confirmed that the Russian-Ukraine war and Taiwan were discussed. An unnamed U.S. official was quoted by AP as saying the U.S. is looking to “move beyond” the balloon incident and that both sides agree the incident was “unfortunate” and would like to “reestablish standard, normal channels of communications.” A possible phone call between Biden and Xi was also reportedly discussed.

After the talks Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said, “The US cannot keep raising the issue of communication on the one hand, while on the other, keep suppressing and containing China. The United States must form a correct perception and respect China’s red lines.”