Russian Intel Ship Attacked By Naval Drones Near Turkish Coast

A Russian intelligence ship was attacked by 3 maritime drones approximately 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Turkey’s Bosporus Strait. According to Russian media sources, the The Ivan Khurs (Project 18280), a Yuriy Ivanov-class intelligence collection ship, repulsed all three drones and no damage was sustained in the attack.

Intelligence Ship Ivan Khurs, Black Sea Fleet (photo by Andrey Brichevsky)
Intelligence Ship Ivan Khurs, Black Sea Fleet (photo by Andrey Brichevsky)

“The attack on the reconnaissance ship “Ivan Khurs” by marine drones occurred after the passage of the Bosphorus 40 nautical miles north of it (in the southern part of the Black Sea),” pro-Russian mil-blogger Rybar reported.

According to information shared by Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, the ship is armed with ” two MTPU 14,5mm marine pedestal machine-gun mounts located on the deck. The machine guns are effective against lightly armored surface, coastal and air targets flying at distances of up to 2 km. The vessel is also equipped with six 9K38 Igla surface-to-air missile system (SAM) launchers consisting of up to 32 9M39 missiles to defend fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.”

The type of maritime drones used in the attack was not specified, as well as the origin of the attack, as the reported area the attack occurred is over 400km from the Ukrainian-controlled mainland.