Kosovo President Blames Serbian President for Zvecan Attacks

Uodate (1320 EST): According to Italian media, 41 NATO KFOR troops were injured, 11 of them being Italian.

Update (1255 EST): Two NATO Peacekeepers (most likely American) have been reported to be injured.

Kosovo President Osmani raised the temperature moments ago after blaming Serbian President Vucic directly for the stun grenade attack that has resulted in the medical evacuation of several Kosovo police and NATO peacekeepers in Northern Kosovo.

Her statement reads below:

”Serb illegal structures turned into criminal gangs have attacked Kosovo police, KFOR officers & journalists.

These unacceptable acts of violence should be condemned by all. Those who carry out Vucic’s orders to destabilise the north of Kosovo, must face justice.”

The U.S. Ambassador to Kosovo also voiced his condemnation of the violence: