Israeli’s Drone Strike Jenin, West Bank, Killing 3

The IDF has confirmed it used a drone to fire at and kill a vehicle containing 3 Palestinian militants who they said recently carried out a shooting near Jalma against IDF troops, as well as several other shootings in the past.

(Note that the Hebrew to English translation says ‘Tank’, this is a translation error and it is in fact a drone).

This marks yet another significant escalation in the conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants, as a drone has not been used by the IDF in this manner since the Second Intifiada in the early 2000’s. Notably, a helicopter carried out strikes several days ago amid heavy clashes in Jenin to assist in the Israeli retreat, which was the first time since 2002 a helicopter was used in this way.

Reportedly, the IDF has extracted the bodies of those killed in the strike. Clashes between ground forces are ongoing in Jenin.