Prigozhin Back in Russia According to Lukashenko

Lukashenko has announced that Prigozhin is back in Russia after being hosted by Belarus due to his “March for Justice” which many considered a mutiny.

Lukashenko had negotiated a deal with Putin for Prigozhin to remain in Belarus, but flight trackers show his jet has been flown from Belarus to Moscow and St. Petersburg several times since his relocation.

Putin and Lukashenko will be discussing the future of Wagner among many other things during their next meeting. As for Prigozhin, he has posted to telegram thanking his supporters and promising more victories at the front line.

Putin and Lukashenko have both expressed that Prigozhin will not be targeted due to his role in the march on Moscow, however, many of Prigozhin’s corporate assets have been seized as well as raids being launched on his residence. Russian media aired live footage of the raid and have taken steps to discredit him, including blaming him and Wagner for failures along the front.

The future of Wagner is still uncertain with many of their soldiers remaining in camps in occupied Ukraine. Prigozhin claims that only 1-2% of his forces decided to take up Russia’s offer of service rather than be forced into retirement.

Prigozhin is unlikely to remain in Russia and is most likely finalizing his affairs in the country before a permanent exile into Belarus.