Port-au-Prince: Vitel’homme Innocent Supporters Fire at US Embassy Vehicle, Compound On Lockdown Until Further Notice

This morning, members of Vitel’homme Innocents gang ‘Kraze Barye’ fired upon a United States Embassy Chevrolet Suburban. As a result, the embassy is under a security alert and personnel will remain under lockdown inside the compound until further notice. Vitel’Homme currently has a $1 million USD bounty on his head by the FBI for conspiracy to commit hostage-taking and hostage-taking. This is due to a mass kidnapping event which took place in October 2021, during which members of Kraze Barye and another Haitian gang ‘400 Mawozo’ kidnapped 17 Christian missionaries and held them for ransom for 61 days. The nation has witnessed an uptick in violent gang crime in recent years, with World Vision claiming that 5.2 million of the 11.45 million population require immediate humanitarian aid due to an ongoing cholera epidemic, in addition to deteriorating social conditions spurred on by gang violence.