Wagner Group Unveils Memorial for Over 25,000 “Musicians” Killed in “Battles for Their Homeland”

The Wagner Group-affiliated Telegram channel “Grey Zone” has reported that the Russian PMC has unveiled a new memorial “dedicated to the memory of all the fallen soldiers of the Wagner Group.”

Said to be located at the Wagner Group chapel near the Russian village of Goryachiy Klyuch, the memorial contains the engravings of “more than 25,000 personal tokens of “musicians” who gave their lives in battle for their homeland.”

The Telegram post does not specify, however, if the deaths were solely from Ukraine. Back in July before his death, then-Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin stated that 22,000 Wagner fighters were killed since the start of the invasion until the capture of Bakhmut on May 20, 2023.

Since Wagner Groups inception in 2014, its fighters have been involved in conflicts in Syria, Mali, Central African Republic, Libya, Sudan, and Mozambique, which has resulted in hundreds of other confirmed deaths.