Iran-Backed Militia Sources Announce Attack Against US Forces in Northeastern Syria

Sabereen News, which is closely affiliated with Iran-backed Shia militia forces, has reported that an attack has been carried out against American forces at Kharab al-Jir in Hasakah, Syria.

Another indication that an attack is underway is that the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, an umbrella organization of Iranian proxy militias, posted to their telegram that a statement would be made soon, which will likely be another claim of responsibility.

The base was previously targeted in March by an explosive drone, which was claimed by Liwa Al-Ghalibun. The attack killed American contractor Scott Dubis, a Counter Rocket Artillery Mortar (CRAM) operator, as well as wounding another contractor and five other United States servicemen.

The drone strike kicked off a series of tit for tat strikes between American forces and Iran-backed militia elements in Syria. American airstrikes on militia targets in Dier Ezzor resulted in over a dozen fighter deaths. Meanwhile, militia elements fired rockets against American forces at the al-Omar and Conoco gas and oil fields, however, no casualties were officially reported.