Hamas Announces Intention to Extend Ceasefire

Hamas announced on their telegram channel their wish to extend the ceasefire beyond the agreed upon 4 days. Prior to the ceasefire coming into effect, Israel announced they would delay military operations for one day for every 10 additional hostages released by Hamas.

Their statement does not say by how many days they wish to extend the ceasefire, nor how many hostages they intend to release.

Their statement reads in full:

“In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Press Statement

The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas is seeking to extend the truce after the end of the four-day period, by seriously seeking to increase the number of released detainees as stated in the humanitarian truce agreement.

Islamic Resistance Movement – Hamas
Sunday: 12 Jumada al-Awwal 1445 AH
Corresponding to: November 26, 2023 AD”.