Senegal Oppositionist Barred from Presidential Election

Ousmane Sonko, the primary Senegalese opposition leader to President Macky Sall, has faced yet another setback in his Presidential bid, which may have solidified his ineligibility to run for office in February 2024’s Senegalese Presidential election. On Friday Senegal’s top court upheld a defamation conviction, brought against him by a government minister, which according to Senegal’s electoral code makes him ineligible for running for President.

While technically speaking the final decision lies with the Constitutional Council which rules on the candidates, hopes are not high for Sonko’s team.

“The trial was the very last chance. I realize that Mr. Sonko’s opponents have succeeded in eliminating him from the Feb. 25 presidential election” -Khoureychi Ba, Ousmane Sonko’s Lawyer.

Ousmane Sonko has faced a years long legal battle during his presidential bid, which may be read about in an article written by this publication on earlier issues faced by his campaign here.