Mexico Pushing for Investigation into The Cartel’s Use of U.S. Military Grade Weapons

Recently, the Mexican government has become increasingly interested in the outstanding quantity of U.S. Military grade weapons that are used by the drug cartels in the region. It has become more aware that non-civilian issued belt-fed machine guns, rocket launchers, and grenades are becoming relevant in many reports concerning the cartels. Around 70% of the weapons used by the organizations are trafficked from the United States, and the Mexican government has previously warned Washington about the danger of this particular issue. 


With Cartel members openly showing off these military grade weapons through social media, the Mexican government now is now pushing for a new investigation targeting this issue. Already more than three cartels have been caught using these firearms and Sedan is calling on Washington to aid them in the process of solving this problem. The U.S. has stated its support in assisting with the investigation.


Even with strict regulation attempting to crack down on gun violence in the country, it is still estimated that over half a million weapons enter Mexico from the U.S. every year. These weapons are not made for civilian use and are made specifically for U.S. military personnel. The Biden administration has stated that it has become a priority to reduce the impact of gun smuggling across borders.