Chinese Corvette-Sized USV Shown to Algeria at World Defense Show 2024

The Algerian Army Chief of Staff inspected a model of the new Thunderer A2000 medium/corvette-sized Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) at this year’s World Defense Show 2024 held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. China State Shipbuilding Corporation unveiled the vessel at its exhibit and stated that the USV is still in the conceptual phase.

The A2000 will displace 280 tons of water, is 147 feet (45 m) long, and is powered by twin diesel engines with controllable pitch propellers reaching a top speed of 35 knots or 40mph.

Chinese CSSC representative presents model of Thunderer AS2000 USV to Algerian Navy Commander Mahfoud Benmeddah (Photo: O R C A military/X, formally known as Twitter)

Other features include a trimaran hull design to ensure low radar cross-section and an Active Electronically Scanned Airway for enhanced sea and air coverage.

Armaments include an 8-cell vertical launching system to house eight short- or medium-range surface-to-air missiles and 24-cell launchers on both sides for the purpose of loitering munitions. Anti-ship missiles are not part of the loadout, suggesting the possibility of a kamikaze-style offense.

Lastly, the vessel will be capable of conducting peacetime reconnaissance and surveillance, and during conflict, it can run anti-access area-denial missions and control smaller USVs.