Philippine Military Orders Increase of Military Presence in Batanes Province

After a visit yesterday to the naval detachment on Mavuilis Island by Philippine Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro Jr., a request has been made to bolster the area’s defense capabilities.

Teodoro called for an increase in structures such as naval forward operating bases and an increase in Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) personnel during the visit.

Mavuilis Island is located in Batanes province and considered the closest Philippine territory to Taiwan, at approximately 88 miles (142 km) from Cape Eluanbi, located in southern Taiwan. Teodoro noted that the province is the “spearhead of the Philippines as far as the Northern baseline is concerned” in a Philippine Navy statement.

AFP Chief of Staff General Romeo S. Brawner Jr. and Philippine Navy Commander Vice Admiral Toribo D. Adaci also inspected the naval base during the visit to the province.