Interest in the Restarting Production of the C-17 Ignites at World Defense Show

After the discontinuation of the production of the C-17 strategic transport aircraft due to a falling number of orders in 2013, five nations are expressing interest again in Boeing offering the airplane once more. This news was unveiled at the Saudi Arabia World Defense Show, where the president of Boeing hinted at the surrounding interest in the aircraft’s relaunch.

India, Kuwait, Qatar, Australia, and the UAE are the countries Torbjorn Sjogren stated were interested in the possibility of the C-17’s comeback.

According to reports from defense analysts, there would need to be orders of a combined 40–50 units for a potential deal to be economically viable and profitable. The C-17 has the potential to strengthen countries’ capabilities around the world, including India, which has an older fleet of aircraft.

However, India’s procurement process is known for its slow pace, so Boeing would need commitments from additional countries for the company to restart production.