The Philippines Set to Acquire 14 JAS-39 Multirole Aircraft

Sometime in March 2024, Sweden and the Philippines will finalize the deal for 14 JAS-39C/D Gripen multirole aircraft for the Philippine Air Force (PAF), worth 61 billion Philippine Pesos ($1.12 billion USD). The deal will provide a squadron’s worth of aircraft for the PAF to redevelop its fighter capability.

Delegations from both countries held several meetings to finalize aspects of the deal that will include logistics cooperation and support.

The JAS-39C/D is manufactured by SAAB AB and is a 4th generation multirole aircraft currently in service with Sweden, Brazil, South Africa, and Hungary. The C variant has improved electronics and the ability for midflight refueling. The D variant is a 2-seater aircraft.

The deal for the 14 JAS-39 aircraft is part of the Philippines’ Multirole Fighter program, which is included in Horizon Three of the country’s modernization program. The Philippines is also in talks to acquire F-16s from either the United States or from European countries.