Czech Republic Gets Artillery Ammo for Ukraine

At the Munich Security Conference yesterday, Czech President Petr Pavel said that his country has been able to secure artillery ammunition for Ukraine. This includes 500,000 155mm and 300,000 122mm shells; both of which are desperately needed by Ukraine. 

Earlier this month, Politico claimed the Czech Republic was looking at ammunition suppliers in South Korea, South Africa, and Turkey with the intention of securing shells for Ukraine. President Pavel did not reveal where he was able to source the shells from, but said that delivery to Ukraine can begin in a matter of weeks. Delivery of the ammunition is contingent on securing international funding to cover the related logistical costs. 

At this point, Ukraine is running so low on artillery ammunition that they are firing no more than 2,000 rounds a day along the entire front, a third of what the Russians fire. As the Ukrainian military continues to fight off Russian assaults in the Donbas and Zaporizhzhia, securing more shells is becoming more crucial by the day.