U.S. Vetoes UNSC Resolution for Israel-Gaza Ceasefire for the Third Time

The US opted to veto a UN Security Council resolution, proposed by Algeria, which called for an immediate ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza war. The resolution, which had passed 13-1, was vetoed after the US stated that an immediate ceasefire would jeopardize ongoing hostage release negotiations.

Condemnations of the veto have poured in from traditional enemies and allies alike, with several key US allies having voted in favour of the resolution and expressing regrets it could not pass.

Hamas and the Palestinian Authority condemned the veto. Russia and China did as well. Russia’s UN ambassador, Vasily Nebenzia, accused the US of biding time so that Israel could complete it’s “inhumane plans” to “cleanse” Gaza.

China’s UN ambassador, stated the veto was “nothing different from giving the green light to the continued slaughter”.

The UNSC has 15 members. The US was the only nation to vote against the resolution, and the UK abstained. Every other nation voted in favour.