Germany is Negotiating with India to Provide Artillery Shells to Ukraine

Russian News Outlet Lenta.ru published a report claiming Germany and India are discussing purchasing artillery shells to ship to Ukraine’s military.

India has taken a neutral stance on the recent 2022 invasion of Ukraine and calls for negotiating an end to the conflict through diplomatic means. According to the German newspaper Der Spiegel, India refused to sell any kind of munitions to Ukraine to maintain relations with Russia. The country has, however, provided humanitarian aid to Ukraine in the past.

India is unlikely to sell munitions to any country involved in the war, as it is currently upgrading its armed forces and may not be able to export any quantity, let alone large amounts. Many nations have depleted stockpiles of artillery shells and other armaments due to providing them as foreign aid to Ukraine.

Germany has not commented on the matter but is actively exploring various ways to replenish its own stockpiles, including buying quantities from other countries.