US Army to Explore ISR Drone Swarms at Vanguard 2024

The United States Army will assess drone swarming capabilities “that have the ability to detect and prioritize threats autonomously and reorient sensors” during the Vanguard 2024 exercise at Fort Huachuca this September, according to AFCEA.

While speaking about the exercise, Army ISR Task Force leader Andrew Evans stated that “It’s a non-kinetic range, meaning we’re not going to fire munitions there. But we’re going to experiment with sensors, with electronic warfare capabilities, potentially with cyber capabilities, with integration to the joint force, with moving data, and making sense of it on the PED [processing, exploitation and dissemination] side.”

Evans added that these drones would “thicken” sensing layers, acting as a “loyal wingman” that will “be capable of alerting their human teammates to high-priority threats that require attention.”