Indian Navy Begins Expansion of Base Along Western Coast

On March 5th, Minister of Defense for India Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh inaugurated two piers, seven apartment towers for naval officers and civilian contractors, and 149 individual living spaces for single officers located on Naval Base Karwar in Karnataka State. The new faculties are part of the Indian Navy’s Project Seabird to build a large base to house the country’s first sealift facility.

Phase I of this project was completed in 2011, improving the overall structure and capabilities of the base in terms of civilian and defense requirements.

Phase IIA includes housing an increased number of vessels, to 32, with 23 additional small yardcraft for harbor use. Upgrades to building infrastructure, housing capacity, and a 1.6-mile (2700 km) runway, as well as many other quality of life improvements. The base will eventually house approximately 50,000 people and will cover 15.5 miles (25 km).

Other projects under the second phase include a large, covered drydock measuring approximately 39,500 sq. ft. (33,000 sq. m.) to allow for simultaneous docking and enclose maintenance of vessels.